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The Sun (2007)Two thirds were because of difficulty in swallowing. Times, Sunday Times (2010)Known as the sponge test, it involves swallowing a capsule attached to a piece of string. Times, Sunday Times (2009)He laughed, swallowing a mucky mouthful.

Full text disponibile come:37Mb260KbAbstractIn this thesis we analyze the ood eects produced as a result of ooding overtopping or levee breaching in river contexts. The problem is of considerable economic, social and environmental interest, especially in prospect of planning to reduce hydraulic hazard: the submersion waves that arise due to insuciency or collapse of levee structures can in fact cause the lost of human lives, huges damages to the aected properties and ecosystems. The study is conducted on the basis of a one dimensional hydrodynamic model of nite elements that solves the equations of long waves in low waters, modied appropriately in order to treat the dry wet transition processes on irregular soils.

The Sun (2009)He leaned one elbow on the dispatch box and turned round to his backbenchers. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Britain did not just support her allies with gold but she also dispatched her own troops to fight in their support. French, David The British way in Warfare 1688 2000 (1990)He was also mentioned in dispatches.

Invece il voler piacere a tutti è un tentativo destinato all’amaro fallimento. Altrettanto disastroso è il tentativo di mascherarsi (una “ciliegia” che finge di essere un “melone” per attrarre quelli a cui piacciono i meloni. Potrà ingannarli per un pò ma prima o poi il trucco viene svelato e allora sono dolori).

Padre professore di cinematografia, madre consulente d’arte, due sorelle: Una è architetto, una creativa insomma; l’altra lavora nel sociale e, per come la vedo io, anche andare verso gli altri è una forma d’arte. Nel cassetto di Pierre bambino c’era anche un altro sogno, realizzato a metà: Il basket! Ma sono troppo piccolo di statura e ho cominciato a giocare a 16 anni, troppo tardi per pensare seriamente di diventare professionista. Però gioca regolarmente, ci dice, e non perde una sola partita dell’NBA.

Times, Sunday Times (2010)Make changes gradually, and introduce unfamiliar ingredients one at a time. Shreeve, Caroline (Dr.) How to Lower High Blood Pressure (1994)The food, delivered fresh daily, is a wonderfully inventive mixture of new ingredients and flavours. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Think about how you can make one ingredient the’hero’ of your dish.

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