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Per perseguire il nostro legittimo interesse ad esercitare o difendere un diritto in sede giudiziaria o stragiudiziale (art. 6., co. 1, let. About Our Company:We are a leading supplier of vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner accessories in China, with our own factory SUZHOU SUIKING ELECTRIC CO LTD in Suzhou. We provide our customers with one stop purchase solution on all vacuum cleaner accessories, such as nozzles, wands, HEPA filters, bags and all other OEM vacuum cleaner components.We have six plastic injection molding machines: 20ea (1001300ton), eight components injection molding machines: 1ea (650ton), Hoist: 4ea, Assembly line: 2 lines, Padding printer, Injection Molding, Coating, Printing, Assembly, Packaging and etc., Total manufacturing infrastructure covers an area of 6,000 square meters.We also make other electric home appliances such as steam cleaners, egg boilers and rechargeable sweepers. Some of our products have enjoyed great popularity in the European and North American market.

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Before the real sample comes, the 3D render can be revised easily, which save both time and money. 3. In mos case, samples are free and client only need to cover the delivery cost. Evol. 13:461 466. Cerca con GoogleKauppinen J., Mappes J., 2003. JiNing hengjia safety matches Co.,LTD of ShangDong China at present, the factory has two production line: One producing products for domestic market, the other for exportation. It produces 3 major series of matches of 20 assortments. Over 10 sorts of high middle, and low grade products are for domestic market and they sell well throughout the country.

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